First Institute Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy School near Crystal Lake and Libertyville, Illinois When you attend First Institute’s Massage Therapy Program you’ll receive hands on training, clinical experience and industry support. That paired with instructors who have years of experience working in the field makes for an unbeatable program! You’ll learn to assess musculoskeletal problems, as well as a

Massage Therapist Employer Panel This Wednesday April 19th at First Institute!

Learn About Industry Opportunities at the Massage Therapist Employer Panel at our Crystal Lake Campus Join us for the Massage Therapist Employer Panel this coming Wednesday April 19th from 10:30am-12 pm at First Institute’s Crystal Lake campus. The Massage Therapist Employer Panel will include representatives from various health related fields, such as spas and chiropractic clinics. The panelists will

First Institute Dental Schools Take on Lab Procedures

Dental Schools in Crystal Lake and Libertyville, Illinois Dental assistants do many duties within a dental office. They may perform a managerial role – record keeping and doing dental billing. Importantly, they must know how to interact and comply with insurance regulations. Clerical or accounting training can be beneficial. Dental assistants must also be detail

What are Different Job Prospects for Dental Assistants?

  Dental assistants perform a variety of clinical and administrative duties within a dental office. Dental assistants may administer patient care, perform minor procedures, and conduct examinations. They also work closely with dentists and dental hygienists. Since a dental assistant is the go-to person for many tasks they must have excellent communication, organizational skills and

Medical Assistants have Diverse Career Opportunities!

  Healthcare is an integral part of any society and medical assistants are vital to keeping healthcare facilities operating at peak performance. What exactly does a medical assistant do? Many things! Medical assistants are trained in a variety of clinical and administrative tasks. Additionally, they can specialize in a particular field, which may make them

Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist – What’s The Difference?

For the average person visiting the dental office, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between all those people wearing uniforms and face masks. Everyone wants you to open your mouth while they use instruments to inspect and maintain your teeth, right? So what is the difference between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist?

Creating an Eco-Friendly Massage Practice

  Massage therapists know the systems of the human body and how they work together. But have you given any thought to how our bodies interact with the environment? From the impact of product choices on the environment to the potential effect of substances on clients, there are a lot of reasons that massage therapists would make

5 Skills Medical Assisting Students Learn on their Externship

Medical Assistants play an incredibly important role in a healthcare team. Beyond what most people realize, Medical Assistants are especially skilled individuals with a truly large skill set. Likewise, Medical Assisting students also need cultivate broad skills, which is an important part of an externship. The externship is a key ingredient in a medical assisting student’s

Dental Assistants Reduce Patient Fear

We all know someone who breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of a visit to the dentist’s office. Perhaps they had a bad experience in their past, get jumpy around pointy metal instruments, or are afraid of what the dentist might find. Whatever the case, the dental assistant has the best chance to soothe